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Some projects are under implementation with Sirte oil Company.

20/6/2021 9:30

The director of the technical affairs department, accompanied by a number of specialized engineers in addition to the safety and environmental protection specialist at the National Petroleum construction company, visited Sirte Oil and gas manufacturing company. During which the meeting was held with the director of the Projects Department of the company to review the ongoing construction work at the company's sites:- tank maintenance project No. (1) in Al-Buriqa area and condensate Line Project (6 inch) in Al-hatiba field. During the meeting, the latest developments related to the implementation of projects were discussed, with all problems and obstacles that prevent the implementation and completion of projects within the specified time.

Introductory Meeting Saipem - NPCC of Libya


NPCC held an introductory video conference with the Italian EPC giant ‘Saipem’ on Monday 16/11/2020. During the meeting, the two parties discussed the ways to establish a strong partnership and the ways of the collaboration to carry out projects in the Libya oil and gas sector and the region. NPCC is looking forward to working with the Italian giant as it has an impressive record in Libya as a total EPC contractor onshore and offshore.

National Petroleum Construction Company held its bi-annual technical & financial meeting

28/10/2020 10:00

As part of the ongoing National Oil Corporation meetings, the National Petroleum Construction Company held its bi-annual technical & financial meeting via video conference from its headquarters in Benghazi. In attendance where representatives from the NOC Maintenance & Engineering Department in Tripoli, NOC representatives in Ras Lanuf and NPCC Board Members as well as technical and financial departments staff. The meeting was initiated with a word by NPCC Chairman, followed by a brief by the HSE department on the measures taken to combat the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. NOC representative were also briefed on the company’s HSE Manual and Procedures which have been completed and implemented in compliance with NOC guidelines. Within the meetings context, the company presented a review of its objectives highlighting the exemplary progress and deliverables achieved in the short time since its incorporation. On the technical level, NPCC Maintenance and Engineering department provided an insightful presentation on ongoing and awarded projects. The company showcased its efforts in tackling projects concerning infrastructure rehabilitation, sustainability and renewables in the sector. NOC representatives expressed recognition and encouragement of these efforts which contribute towards a united vision. An outline on the company’s financial matters and plans was presented by NPCC Board Member for Financial and Administrative affairs. The National Petroleum Construction Company communicated its performance, endeavors and plans in a transparent manner to the National Oil Corporation, which remains the owner sponsor and primary witness to the ambitions and vision of the company. NPCC reaffirmed the attendance of its commitment to continue the ongoing faithful efforts to achieve its long term vision of providing national competencies, quality competitive services and added value to the Libyan oil and gas sector.

National Petroleum Construction Company opens its head office in Benghazi

01/03/2018 11:25

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company for Construction of Petroleum , “Najib Al-Atherm” that the opening of the National Company for Petroleum Construction, headquartered in Benghazi, in the presence of the Chairman of the National Petroleum Corporation “m. Mustafa Sann Allah “and members of the Board of Directors of the National Petroleum Corporation and a number of heads of companies.
He added that the opening was good and auspicious for the company and the impression of the presence of excellent on what was accomplished by the company in a short period and short, in addition to the National Petroleum Corporation and the Arabian Gulf, dating to support the company to implement several projects.
Al-Athram confirmed that “God-made” praised the company and its efforts and announced that there is an agreement to train the Libyan youth with Eni and will be the nucleus of this company to carry out its projects in the future.
He pointed out that the National Company for Petroleum Construction has strong and important projects and will work to attract, qualify, train and provide jobs for the youth of this country.
Al-Athram said that many reputable foreign companies will be resettled and the international efficiency to transfer technology, support the economy and open jobs.

National Petroleum Construction signs an internal statement of occupational safety

06/09/2018 09:25

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Company for Petroleum Construction Najib Al-Athram signed a statement of the health, safety and environment policy of the company and was attended by the members of the Board of Directors and directors and heads of departments in the company. The statement, which was signed on June 10, is a set of general rules in the security and safety on which the decision-making and the completion of tasks and responsibilities are related to maintaining the safety and health of all employees and equipment production and environmental protection. The statement clarifies the objectives of the program to control risk and reduce losses through the application of occupational health and safety management system and environmental, as well as clarify the concept and philosophy of the company for the program of control and risk reduction losses also provides for the identification of responsibilities and tasks for all officials and employees of the company in relation to risk control Limitation of losses and the rejection of any exceptions in performance inconsistent with the requirements of risk control and limitation of losses whatever the reasons.

National Petroleum Construction Company signs with German company Verostal

23/6/2019 10:25

Our vision is clear. In 2020, we will be the world’s The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Libyan Company for Petroleum Construction Najib Al-Atherm that the company has entered into a cooperation agreement with German company Verostal, one of the largest companies in the world oil and gas.
The agreement was signed with the company’s CEO Mark Newman, adding that the partnership will add value to the oil construction company and its staff to provide knowledge and technology with international oil and gas companies.